Songhai Women's Capital Fund

The Songhai Centre in Benin is dedicated to creating agricultural entrepreneurs and, in the words of founder Father Godfrey Nzamujo, “turning agriculture into a weapon of mass construction.” Historically, attendance at the Centre has been almost exclusively male and women have little opportunity to create their own businesses. 

The Songhai Women's Capital Fund was established by EPN with a dual objective -- to increase the number of women enrolled at the Centre and to provide low interest loans to enterprising young women to start their own businesses.  The Centre administers the program and provides on-going guidance and technical support to insure success. 

As word of the program spreads, more and more women are enrolling in the Songhai Centre.   Enrollment of women at the original campus in Porto Novo increased almost six-fold from 6% to 34% in just three years.  With such impressive results the program is expanding to all Songhai campuses.

Your donation to Eliminate Poverty NOW can help one of these enterprising young women start her own business and become a role model for others to follow.