Farmers of the Future

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In most of Africa, farming is considered poor man's work, and for good reason. Most are subsistence farmers, growing barely enough food to feed themselves and their families. They are trapped in chronic poverty, relying on rainfall to harvest one meager crop a year. 

But it doesn't have to be this way!  Eliminate Poverty NOW is developing innovative solutions to lift subsistence farmers out of poverty.  Irrigation is the key.  Irrigated crops can generate 20 times the revenue of rain-fed crops! 

In partnership with Professor Dov Pasternak, the visionary Israeli agricultural scientist, we are pioneering Farmers of the Future, an innovative program with the potential to transform agricultural practice in the African Sahel.  Farmers learn to approach farming as a business and utilize the land year-round. They grow high value crops like vegetables and fruits and bring them to market counter-seasonally to maximize profits.  

This approach requires a dramatic change in mindset.  And change is never easy, especially for adults and especially for men.  So Farmers of the Future works primarily with women and children.  

Farmers of the Future has been patiently tested in Niger, the poorest country on earth.  We have a proven model which changes the lives of its participants.  As it expands it will gradually transform the approach to farming in dryland Africa.

You can help tackle poverty, hunger and malnutrition in rural Africa through your support of Eliminate Poverty NOW.