Launch of Second Annual Little Rock University Fundraiser!

Announcing the second annual Little Rock University Fundraiser!

During my trip to Kenya in 2018, I visited the Little Rock Inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre ( in Kibera, the largest urban slum in Kenya. Little Rock is an oasis for the disadvantaged children of Kibera, providing a host of early childhood programs that give the kids a chance at education.

Eliminate Poverty NOW is an NGO fighting poverty in Africa by giving Africans, especially women and children, what they need to earn income and eliminate their own poverty. EPN supports Little Rock graduates through the Little Rock Scholarship Program ( My travels in Africa showed me how effective EPN’s small scale, focused efforts are at helping real people. I met those people. And that’s why I’ve decided to get involved and to ask you to help me.

Last year, we sent the entire class of Little Rock graduates to University.  I have recently posted updates about their success in last year’s fundraiser page (  Please take a look and see the success you supported.

This year, ten Little Rock graduates completed secondary school, passed the KCSE exam (, and qualified for university admission. Through its HELB Program (, the Kenyan government is very liberal in funding college education for low income students, requiring only $500 before government loans become available to fund the rest of a university education. 

In Kibera, though, even that $500 is out of reach. That’s where we come in. In my introductions below, you will be struck, as I was, by their sense of purpose beyond themselves and by their gratitude for the support they have already received. An exciting addition this year is that for some of these students, we have informal videos where they introduce themselves.  Please sponsor the 2019 graduating class’ university education. 

For these ten young men and women, secondary school was out of reach without scholarships from Eliminate Poverty NOW. They would be out on the streets, scraping for money to survive. Today they dream of attending university and changing the world. With a little more help from us, they surely will. My goal is to raise the $5000 that will make a university education possible for this group of exceptional students. Eliminate Poverty NOW is a 501(c)(3) public charity, so donations are tax deductible in the US. 

Periodically throughout the year, I will update this page so you can see what the students you’ve sponsored are doing.

Thanks! Sam Falk