Little Rock Scholar's Stories

Linton Joshua

Linton Joshua wants to share his story with you. His is the second in a series about four Little Rock Scholars and how the scholarship he received has impacted his life.

Linton is extraordinarily mature for a boy of 15.  He has grown up with his parents and 3 siblings in Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum.  Linton describes where the family lives: “We live in a 1-room house in Kibera.  My parents rent a second room not far from the main house since one room gets crowded for the six of us.  The two houses can become muddy when it gets wet and we share our accommodations with rats and cockroaches.  No one dreams to live in such a place, but no one gets to choose where to and where not to live.  It’s where I study, eat and sleep.  I pray and dream that one day I will be living in a nice home and will build one for my parents.”

In addition to being mature, Linton is extraordinarily bright.  He aced his entrance exam to secondary school, earning an EPN 4-year scholarship to one of Kenya’s top national boarding schools. Linton describes his school experience:

“I was enthusiastic to join a national school where teachers are devoted to their work and ensuring the best for their students.  When I entered school I was shy and expected the experience to be the most traumatizing in my life, but I was mistaken.  Life in high school is much more fun and enjoyable than it is at home. I am assured of getting breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, something I can’t count on at home.”

“High school has enabled me to meet people from all sides of our beautiful country.  I interact with students from diverse cultures and ways of life.  I thought most new subjects would be a horrific nightmare, but thanks to my teachers who encourage me to work hard, I got used to them and take my exams with confidence.  My best subjects are Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.  I believe we are living in a world of science and need to apply science in our daily lives.”

Linton has big dreams for his future.  “In terms of a career, I am considering two different fields.  The first is to study Aeronautical Engineering at the Thompson School of flying in South Africa. It would be a great pleasure to design planes that are unique and can transport goods and people from different places around the world.  My second dream is to pursue medicine and find solutions to many deadly diseases. By the end of my secondary school studies I hope to decide which career to pick.”

And Linton is grateful for his opportunity at a better life.  He says, “I really thank my sponsors for supporting me.  They have made my life simple by providing for my school fees, pocket money, shopping and even bus fare to school. The happiness that they have brought to our family cannot be weighed.  All that I have to say is a big thanks, and may God bless them.”