Where have you seen this picture before?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Carol Falk visited Kenya with her family and while there introduced them to Lilly and her very special school - Little Rock. During the visit Carol reunited with Theresa. Here is their story:

We held hands as we navigated the mud slick warrens on the way to her home in Kibera. The day was hot, and we shared a bottle of water as we laughed about my almost sitting on a vendor’s coffee table that I had mistaken for a bench. I was meeting Theresa for the first time. She is the sister of my first Little Rock Scholar, and I was providing her the opportunity to go to nursing school while her 2-year-old daughter was cared for at the Little Rock day care center.

This past January I returned to Kenya with my entire family and was able to spend more time with Theresa. She looked happy and healthy and her now 4-year-old daughter was thriving at the Little Rock preschool. Theresa is in her third year of nursing school and is getting very high grades despite having to rise well before dawn to prepare for each day.

With the gift of an education, I know that Theresa will achieve her goal of becoming a nurse. She will be able to move her family out of Kibera and out of poverty. My hope is she will become a productive member of society and an example of what hard work can accomplish when given a little bit of help. I am making a real difference in one person’s life. It is a small contribution, but it fills me with happiness and joy and great hope for Theresa’s future.