Scholars Appeal

Friday, June 12, 2015

We recently shared with a number of our friends several fundraising appeals for the Little Rock Scholarship program. As many of you know, each year, with the help of generous donations, we support up to 10 top students in Kibera with full 4-year scholarships to secondary school. 

This post is an opportunity to read each of the personal appeals in one place: 

  1. Transform Any Lives Lately? tells the story of many of the students we see in Kibera -- bright, full of potential, and studying hard despite the severe challenges they face. But these students still have one hurdle to overcome-and you can help.
  2. Imagine the Good We Could Do tells the story of Faith, a special young lady at Little Rock, and the family that is supporting her. Her story is truly inspiring, and it does not have to be the only story of its kind out of Kibera.
  3. It's in Your Hands shares the story of our most recent EPN Hero, Lilly Oyare, and her work in Little Rock. Education is the clearest way to break the cycle of endless poverty for these kids and their families.  We look at her narrative as an example of the great things that can be done when we see an issue in the world and commit to positive change.

    We are half way to our goal of raising $40,000 to send 10 more of these outstanding students to secondary school with full 4-year scholarships.  The work that we do with Little Rock is definitely a team effort and the help we get from each of you is tremendous. Thank you for your continued support and please help us to reach our goal by sharing this post with others who share the desire to make a real difference in people's lives.