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Farmers of the Future                                                      

Hamani Djibo is president of LIBO, a Niger-based NGO enhancing education and economic opportunity for the extreme poor in Niger. Hamani has a deep understanding of local needs and excellent relationships with local education and government officials.  LIBO has led the implementation of the Farmers of the Future program through 5 years of pilot testing and is now developing the tools and resources to support the program's expansion.  


Little Rock Scholars Program

Lilly Oyare is an extraordinary Kenyan school teacher. She founded the Little Rock Inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre, located in Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum. Started as a pre-school for a few dozen children, Little Rock has become a source of hope and opportunity for over a thousand students and their families. Amidst horrendous living conditions, Lilly is raising a new generation to believe that with hard work, determination and faith anything is possible.

Father Godfrey NZAMUJO

Songhai Women's Capital Fund

Father Godfrey is founder and director of the Songhai Centre, one of Africa’s premier agricultural technical schools. Songhai’s mission is to create agricultural entrepreneurs. Now with over a dozen campuses in West Africa, Father Godfrey is well on his way to realizing his vision to make “agriculture a weapon of mass construction!”