Pads for Peace

On average, African girls are half as likely to be enrolled in school as their brothers. And those that begin primary school often don’t finish. They get married early, and have children while they are still children. There are many cultural and economic factors for this, but one reason is that girls lack access to sanitary pads and reproductive education. Once a girl begins to menstruate, she is generally unable to keep herself clean during the school day. Many girls miss a week of school every month. In a few months time they are hopelessly behind. The result: only 20% of African girls go on to secondary school.

Eliminate Poverty Now’s initiative - Pads for Peace - addresses this problem.

Our first effort, in partnership with the Women’s Seder of Congregation Agudath Israel in Caldwell, NJ, helped facilitate Procter & Gamble's donation of 850,000 Always pads to the Millennium Village of Sauri, Kenya - a 3 year supply for 2500 girls there. This connection has grown into a pen pal project where girls from Sauri are connecting to girls and women in the U.S. The girls learn so much more than letter-writing skills. By writing about themselves, they learn to better express who they are and what their aspirations are in life.This is true gender empowerment. These girls begin to understand that they DO have the choice of finishing school, and Pads for Peace makes it a real possibility.

In our newest initiative, Pads for Peace will give girls access to reusable sanitary pads. At Little Rock, the sewing center is beginning to manufacture RockPads - very high quality soft flannel reusable sanitary pads in vibrant, fun colors.  Each RockPads kit will provide enough pads for a month and cost about $25. We’ll be distributing them through girls’ groups which are providing reproductive education and empowerment. Little Rock parents will earn income by manufacturing and selling these pads to women in the community.


Girls will have the chance to finish school. Women won't miss a day of work. Their children won't miss a day of food. Join us to make this happen.

For $25 you can give a girl a future. 



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